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My personal introduction into Homeopathy

My fascination with homeopathy began when my new baby suffered from an inflamed and itchy skin complaint which refused to get better in spite of my using prescribed steroid creams. After a few months a friend suggested I took him to see a Homeopath.

I had never heard of Homeopathy; in fact I found the word difficult to say (Home-ee-op-athy). Why would I take my new baby to see someone who practised homeopathy; if it was that good, why wasn't everyone using it?

In the meantime my baby's skin was getting worse. The steroid cream worked until I stopped using it, then the skin broke out again but even worse than before.

I took my baby to a Homeopath, who asked questions about my baby, my pregnancy and my labour.

The Homeopath prescribed a homeopathic remedy, this was something else I was unfamiliar with; however I found it was really easy to administer to my baby. We went for 4 appointments and with each appointment the skin became less inflamed and itchy until it was completely clear of any sign of eczema. The steroid cream had been used less and less through out the homeopathic treatment until it was no longer required at all.

I wanted to know more information about homeopathy so I bought a book - "The Complete Guide to Homeopathy, the Principles & Practice of Treatment" by Dr Andrew Lockie (see recommended reading list), and started to use homeopathic remedies for small acute ailments like bumps, bruises, colds, teething pain, upset tummies etc. I used the remedies on my family and I used homeopathy through my next pregnancy and labour.

I needed to really understand homeopathy more and so enrolled at the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in Gateshead, where I gained my licence to practise homeopathy in 2004 following a 4 year part time course.