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What happens at a Homeopathic consultation?

When you come to see me for an initial homeopathic consultation it takes 1½ hours for an adult (1 hour for children). I listen; you talk. A homeopath is someone who views you as an individual, who gives you the quiet time so you can voice your worries and pain, whether you express them emotionally or physically.

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A homeopath sees you as a whole person; we listen to all you want to tell us about the symptoms you experience now and in the past collectively; rather than taking each illness as something separate and not having a relationship to each other.

Occasionally I ask questions about aspects of your life in the past or present which you express as physical or emotional symptoms; this is so I can build up a deeper understanding of how you react to your life's ups and downs.

A homeopath looks for the links, the connections that have had an impact on your health to bring you to where you are today.

After the consultation I work on your case at home, prescribing a remedy, which I will send to you usually within a few days. Follow up appointments are initially at 4 to 6 week intervals, then as and when you require.

Locations for consultations