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Frequently Asked Questions

When can homeopathy be used?

It takes years of time and study to become a qualified homeopath (see links), however anyone can effectively use homeopathic remedies for acute type illness, through accessing a number of good homeopathic self help books, websites and classes
For illness that has had a long term effect on you or keeps recurring (Chronic illness) this is the time to seek the support of a qualified and Registered Homeopath.

I heard that homeopathy is little better than a placebo.

This is something being used to attack the effectiveness of homeopathy, usually when Homeopathy is being shown in a positive way, i.e. when evidence is cited as to the proven efficacy of Homeopathy.(Here is some of the evidence)
This is extremely insulting to all the people who have found homeopathy to have a positive effect on their health and to practising homeopaths. The placebo theory quickly falls down when a well chosen homeopathic remedy is given to a baby or young child and their symptoms get better; or if a vet who practices homeopathy gives a homeopathic remedy to a farm animal and their symptoms get better; or if the owner of a domestic pet gives a homeopathic remedy and their pet's symptoms get better.

Homeopathy is so much more than just a placebo effect. (Links to homeopathic research).

Is homeopathy still available on the NHS? (referrals)

Yes it is, and homeopathy has been available on the NHS since 1948. The first homeopathic hospital was established in 1850. There used to be many homeopathic hospitals in the UK; unfortunately now there are only 3:
The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital
Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital and Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital

What does Registered Homeopath mean?

I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths which holds the largest register of homeopaths in the country; this means I received my homeopathic training on a Society recognized homeopathic course. I adhere to the Society of Homeopaths code of ethics; I take part in regular personal and professional development and have full professional insurance.
For more details see:
The Society of Homeopaths
Other Homeopathic Registers:
Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
The Homeopathic Medical Association