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I am a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor

I feel as passionate about Weleda as I do about being a homeopath. I became a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor because I have used Weleda homeopathic remedies, Weleda creams – like Arnica, Calendula and Copper, and Arnica massage balm for over 20 years; and more recently Skin food and other Skin care products and body washes.

For me, I simply feel more energised, Weleda products help lift me on a drab day, help me relax on a stressful day, ease my aches when I’ve overdone the gardening and gives me confidence that my hair and skin are being gently looked after.

How? – Because when I use Weleda products I know I am not over loading my body with toxins unlike many over the counter products, whether for my body or skin care. I know I can trust that everything in a Weleda product has been put there for a health and wellbeing purpose. When you think that the skin is our biggest organ, why wouldn’t you want to look after your outside as much as your inside! Here is some more information about ingredients of skin products

Weleda has been growing and creating natural, organic herbal medicine and body care products for over ninety-five years. Weleda was the first natural cosmetics brand and has pioneered the way for others to follow - from organic biodynamic farming and cultivation, to setting the standards for ethical and sustainable business practices. Weleda's story

So as a Weleda Advisor, what can I offer you? – Free 1 to 1 skin care advice; choose from a range of Weleda relaxing massage – face, hand or foot-knee. Or you might like to have a Weleda event with a few family members or friends in your home. I also run Weleda events like an Arnica Evening, Foot Spa or Get ready for the New Season, Mother and Baby and currently Christmas; but any event can be run based on the Weleda products and it means you get to try out the Weleda products for yourself.

There are often special offers, thank you gifts for customers and a thank you gift/free products for the Host(ess) based on orders placed over certain values. take a look at my webshop for full details

Postage is free on orders over £40, and exclusive to ordering from me as a Weleda advisor, there is money back or product exchange guarantee within 30 days of purchase on most products.